7 General Terms of Loan Application at The Bank

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Looking for loan funds from banks usually people do while looking for business capital. in addition to getting a large enough funds, the term of payment can be adjusted. before applying for a loan from a bank, you must first know the terms and completeness of the required documents to make the process faster and smoother.

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General Conditions For Applying For A Money Loan At The Bank

The majority of banks do provide loan facilities for their customers. Some require guarantees, some are unsecured. Regardless, there is a general requirement that every borrower must meet. Not to complicate, but to ensure that you are able to pay and pay off the loan. thus avoiding tackling financial problems during the process of unemployment. Well, if you are one who plans to borrow funds in the bank, make sure you have prepared the following general terms.

1. Self Identity

This key requirement is common in any case in the world. Self identity is required as a requirement to complete any submission, including loan funds at the bank. The address listed in the ID must match the current residence address. If it turns out to be different, then you should include a certificate of residence from the authorities in charge of civilian records. for those of you who are married, then you need to include your identity and your spouse, so the bank knows that this loan funds have been known by two parties.

2. Include Married Deed

The bank as the borrower of funds will request a copy of the marriage certificate for those of you who are married. This marriage certificate is used as a guarantee that the bank knows the property or goods used is a joint treasure. Of course, this joint treasure needs to be known by both parties, both husband and wife, as well as the borrower. So that when there is a problem and some things related to the loan funds, then the confirmation will run smoothly.

3. Photocopy of Family Card

This Family Card requirement is required for the bank to know how much the burden a family member should bear for you as a potential borrower. With this, the bank can estimate your ability to pay the mortgage. Because if the dependents of your family members are too many, it is not uncommon for banks to hesitate to provide loan funds assuming you will object to paying the bills because the family burden that must also be met.

4. Attach a Savings Book

With the last 3 months savings book mutation, your financial ability can be seen clearly. The amount of balance embedded in a savings account also indicates your ability to replace the loan that has been given by the bank later. This applies to the terms of borrowing money at any bank. So make sure the balance you have is more than enough to be able to borrow funds.

5. Copy of Salary Slip

This requirement is the most considered by the bank to prospective borrowers of funds. When the income obtained from a government or private agency is known to be nominal, it will facilitate the bank to immediately provide a decision. Financial capability will be evident from the income of prospective borrowers. If you want to borrow funds with a large enough nominal while the income is mediocre, it can be predicted that the ability to return the loan a bit difficult.

6. Net from Credit

Applying for a loan will surely be accepted by the bank as a lender if you as a borrower have passed the terms with no installments outside the loan (as well as other terms granted). Unlike it if you still have credit or other installments that have not been completed. Unresolved credit issues, will minimize your chances to borrow funds in the bank. Due to the existence of this credit dependent, indicating that there is still a loan business that has not been clear. The bank certainly will not take the risk to lend to you.

7. Net from Troubled Loans, Bad Debts and Black List

Every bank certainly does not want the problem of the funds they lend in the future, so clean of any kind of problem in the loan is an additional requirement. if you previously still have loan obligations in other banks, bad loans and banking problems, of course you will have difficulty getting a loan. If you are thinking of getting a loan easily your other bank is mistaken. the interbank has data of the name of each person who has problems in the banking better known black list. so make sure before applying for a loan to the bank, your name is clear from the black list.


The basic principle in banking is trust. Knowing the terms of the loan application completely and understanding the whole process at the bank is the key to success of your credit approval. This trust can start from the submission of an accurate and complete loan file at the time of submission to the bank. Always follow the process honestly so that your loan and loan can also be approved and smoothly.

That is the condition of borrowing money in banks in general, each country may have additional requirements for the process of bank loan application. it all depends on the policy of the country and the bank concerned. may be useful