8 Ways to Get a Business Capital Without Seeking a Bank Loan

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When starting a business common obstacles usually come from capital. and to get business capital from the bank itself is not easy for those who are just starting their business. to get a loan from a bank in addition to requiring collateral, the bank will also usually review what business you are running.

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Business Capital Without Seeking A Bank Loan

Although the limitations of capital often make prospective entrepreneurs discouraged before starting. Actually there are so many ways to get the capital you need. here are 8 ways you can do to get business capital.

1. Saving first

One of the easiest sources for getting business capital is from personal money. In addition to easy, using personal savings money also has a minimal risk because you will not be burdened by additional fees or interest on the loan. So, if your efforts have not turned back or achieved great profits, you do not need to be confused to find a way to pay for the additional fees.

Collecting capital from personal money is not difficult. You can start from setting aside your living expenses or your salary, then put in a special savings for your future efforts.

2. Selling Unused Assets & Goods

To be able to realize the dream business, surely you need to sacrifice a lot. Some assets and valuables that you have if it is not too used can be temporarily relinquished.

Look around your house and make a list of what you have. take into account the goods that are no longer or rarely used and have a high selling value. You can sell your old series gadgets and various types of clothes, bags, and shoes through garage sale. That way, you can also get a good enough capital to start your business.

3. Pawn the Goods

If selling goods that have been owned for so long it is hard for you. Especially if bought from the sweat and toil. valuable personal items that you do not need to sell, just “store” while the goods in the institutions of pawnshops.

Matching these items is quite safe and the process is fast. The interest is relatively smaller when compared with the bank, and you can set your own cashflow in order to redeem the goods you mortgaged later. If it is within the specified time period you can not pay, you can easily merge it. more delicious is not it?

4. Finding Sponsorship

Gathering capital does not merely have to work hard and sacrifice many things. There is an easy way to earn capital, ie by looking for sponsorship. You can offer your type of business through a site, then interested visitors and interested to sponsor will donate money through the site. And instead, you will reward the sponsors in various forms, according to what you describe on the site.

The advantage you can get from looking for capital by looking for sponsorship is in addition to saving time and cost, you just need to create a slick and interesting concept. and if they are interested in your business project they will either finance or provide capital. But this way just consider as a source of additional capital only. Because it could be nominal that you expect does not match what you get.

5. Working with friends

If there are friends who have the desire to work in the same field, why do not you just invite to work together? In addition to capital can be lighter because the capital can be borne together, when there is a problem can be borne together.

Although this cooperation provides many conveniences, there are still some things you need to look at. Starting from communication between you, dissent, to calculation and profit sharing. To anticipate that, you must know who your partner is working with. Find out the background completely, to the bad nature and how to overcome them. In addition, know also the expertise of each, so it is clear the division of your role in this business.

6. Borrowing from family

Already saving but your money is not enough to cover venture capital? Quiet. Try to propose this intention to your close family, Who knows by looking at your earnestness, they are willing to lend a little money to help.

The family is the closest person in your life. They will certainly be happy to help. But, do not immediately ask for money capital. You need to make a proposal to let them know how your business plan and prospects are going in the future. Make a proposal as well and as detailed as possible. That way, they will be more convinced.

7. Become an existing business partnership

Today many franchisees are developing their businesses by establishing independent branches, meaning they are looking for people to manage their new network with a profit sharing system. it would not hurt to participate temporarily with them. in addition to getting additional capital you can get a lot of valuable experience.

8. Attend a seminar to get an investor

Want to get a large amount of funding support? Find investors only! Indeed to get it need a struggle that is not easy. Investors are very keen in considering the advantages and disadvantages. So if they see your business has no promising prospects, do not expect to get capital help. So it’s important for you to put together a business proposal very well and in detail.

Then where to find those investors? Diligently-follow your entrepreneurial seminar or workshop. There, besides being able to meet great speakers, but also get acquainted with fellow entrepreneurs. Keep up the flowing chats, occasionally discussing each other’s efforts. Who knows one of the entrepreneurs there is your prospective investor someday.


That’s 8 sources of venture capital that you can get without needing to owe the bank. However, basically, your business will succeed if you have good and mature planning. With good planning, certainly many parties will lend funds and you will run your business faster.