How To Procedure of Auto Accident Claims

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Auto insurance claim is an attempt of the policyholder when requesting compensation on the part of the insurance company due to theft or accident against the car or vehicle that had been previously insured.

When your car has been lost due to being stolen or having an accident, the first thing to do is to contact the insurance company within 3 × 24 hours. You can contact an insurance party call center by phone, email or by coming directly to the insurance company’s office. This should be prioritized in order to avoid rejecting the “car insurance claims” you filed with the reason of passing from a predetermined period of time.

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Procedure Of Auto Accident Claims

When an accident and the car still can run, should the car was taken to one of the workshops appointed by the insurance company. If the car has been severely damaged, it is recommended that the car be photographed or documented first. This photo will be a proof that there has been an accident.

Why is Auto Insurance Very Important?

Insurance is the right solution to repair claims against your car damage from minor damage to major damage. Then greatly help you in saving your expenses when the situation is urgent.

Nevertheless for the claim submission process also can not be arbitrary. The insurer will learn first what the cause and how chronological. Because any damage can be claimed in accordance with the procedure, the terms and conditions apply that have been set by the insurer. So you should follow it well and accept the consequences that have become the decision of the insurer.

In this article I will discuss more deeply about how the car insurance claim due to accident or missing that you may be able to make as a reference, let’s see the explanation below.

1. Contacting the Insurance Related Party

Before making an insurance claim for damage to your car, of course, must contact the insurance that will cover all the losses you get. The claim reporting process is usually done a maximum of 3 x 24 hours after the incident.

You can contact the insurer memalui phone, sms, or email. But if you have free time and distance to the insurance office is not too far away, I suggest to come directly. In order to get faster response and of course more.

In this case not everyone wants to contact the insurer. Instead they prefer to fix themselves because it is not complicated. For that you need to know the best paint protection so you can protect your car paint from sharing problems on the highway.

2. Giving or Attaching a Photo Proof

Including original evidence of a damaged car photo is one of the conditions prior to filing a claim. Because fotolah which will become the reference of the insurance to be able to immediately process and confident in the claim you submitted.

Reports alone are not strong enough to claim car insurance. Insurance party certainly will not easily believe and recklessly accept claim. Try to complete the photo proof as detailed and as clear as possible.

Do not let you just make – there are claims that you have submitted. It will hurt you in the future. If you are going to file a claim back, you will have little difficulty because of the bad record or reputation you have done before.

3. Fill In Form For Claim Submission

How to claim the next car insurance scare is to fill out the claim submission form. You will be given an application form from the insurer to fill out and also explain what you are reporting. Try to fill completely – completely, not to miss a bit.

The more complete the better, because your explanation in the claim form will be used as a reference for the attachment of the financing process. Also at the time of consideration, surely the insurance will include the form to be one of the material consideration.

4. Provide Information and Chronology of Events Clearly

When you are given various questions by the insurer try to explain and explain as much detail as possible. Do not give the information that raises the next question. Once explained directly acceptable.

Then avoid giving an unreasonable explanation (in doubt). Hesitant answers and confusion will be clearly read by the other person and will be considered lying. Therefore answer each question with high confidence and steadfastness. The confidence you show indirectly will help convince the insurer.

5. Preparation of Required Documents

Attachments of supporting documents should also be included to support all existing processes. These documents include accident documents and documents of liability from third parties.

Try to complete both to be processed immediately and you do not have to go back and forth to complete the missing documents. Here is an explanation of the documents that you must complete, including:

  • Accident Documents

    Accident documents include a completed claim form. New claims submission can be processed by the insurance company, if you as the policy holder are actually filling the claim form completely.
    Then must include a photo copy of car insurance policy. Car insurance policy is a document used to prove the participation or any of your membership as a customer of the insurance company. In addition, used to check premium payments are in accordance with the agreement agreed or not.
    Next copy of driver’s license . driver license is used to ensure that the driver has obtained permission from the police and allowed to drive a car. There is another copy of the vehicle registration used to prove that the vehicle really belongs to you as a claim maker.
    The last letter given by the police which will be used as consideration before deciding to provide compensation in accordance with the claims or not from the insurance company.

  • Document of Liability from Third Parties (If Any Third Party)

    This document will be used as a claim to obtain compensation from a third party. It can also be used as a guarantee that the policyholder is indeed the cause of damage to third party cars.
    Then the accompanying documents such as a statement that no insurance. The experience that ever existed in some insurance companies will not incur costs in return if the third party already has car insurance.

that’s the article on how to claim a car accident insurance, hopefully this information useful and can help you in the process of your insurance claims.