Tips to Keep Your Credit Card Safe

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these days cards are used more often than cash. but while electronic payments are nice and easy. there are a few things to remember in order to keep your card details safe and secure so they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

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start with your signature, it’s an important security feature, as it can help verify that it’s really you. so make sure you sign your card as soon as you receive. it next is your PIN number. choose something that’s easy to remember, but make sure that you don’t use obvious numbers like your birthdate or street address. never write your PIN number down or share it with anyone. even your friends and family especially through your phone or computer. and be sure to cover your PIN when you’re entering it into the terminal and a shop or at the ATM.

using contactless technology can also be a good option for credit and debit cards. as it allows you can to stay safely in your hand and has the same level of security protection, and fraud prevention as a transaction using a traditional chip card.

when you’re shopping online there are a few signs to show that you’re on a secure and protected website. like a web address starting with HTTPS, or an unbroken key or locked padlock in your browser when making payments online. try to use your personal computer rather than a public computer. and avoid using free Wi-Fi where login passwords aren’t required as these could be less secure.

and remember, credit provider will never ask you by email for your secure banking information. including your account details, card details, password or PIN number. so be careful not to supply this information, no matter how official the email looks. if you’re ever unsure about the security of your card don’t hesitate to get in touch with they straight away.

to keep your card details secure be sure to follow these simple steps.

1. Pin and sign your card right away.

Keeping your credit card secure starts when you first receive it. When setting up a secure code for your card

2. keep your pin details confidential.

ensure that the PIN number you choose is not obvious or easy for others to guess, but is still easy for you remember so that you don’t need to write it down.

3. Check website security when online.

Online credit card security is also very important. When purchasing online, ensure that the website you are using is safe, and do not supply credit card or other secure banking information when receiving unsolicited emails and messages online.

4. When in doubt, don’t share your information

tips for ensuring your card details are secure include; making sure you sign your card, keeping your PIN number confidential, and being careful when buying online.